The Death of Innocence

by Fate Worse Than Death

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released July 25, 2015

© Fate Worse Than Death 2015
All songs written and recorded by Fate Worse Than Death:
Ray Ouellette | Tyler Morrow | Matthew Morin | Scott Ferguson | Aaron Frotten
Featuring guest lyrics and vocal content on “Narcissist” by Alex Aro (Shot Down Sun, Dearth)
All artwork and graphic design by Ray Ouellette
Produced, recorded and mixed by Raymond Ouellette | Loadblower Studios
Mastered by Anthony Lusk-Simone | Zenbeast Audio | find lyrics on



all rights reserved


Fate Worse Than Death Haverhill, Massachusetts

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Track Name: The Death of Innocence
I can't be the man I want to be
No one wants a man like me
To love and to cherish to hold and to keep
Passion will die mother will weep
It turns to stone it sinks to the deep
No one's worth a damn all that’s left is me
I'm alright I'm just fine
The child inside has finally died
Track Name: Narcissist
Spare me your life story I don't care
Fuck your liberal arts degree and your Instagram
I don't want to hear about when you studied abroad
I don't give a shit about how you rescued a dog
Fuck your girlfriends; fuck your guy friends
Fuck your family too
Fuck your car; fuck your job
Fuck your attitude
I'd rather be in a coma
Than hear you pat yourself on the back over and over
Every time I see your face
I think of how you're such a waste of space
Your career is meaningless to me
I can't put my dick in your college degree
Fuck your craft beer and pumpkin coffee
Fuck your iPhone; fuck your selfies
You're not entitled to shit
Classless ignorant bitch
You're not worth my time
So just forget it
You claim you're a ten well fucking think again
You're curbside trash; someone's leftover scraps
You're not a fucking catch; just the next in line
So when you pat your back don't break your fucking spine
You're not fooling me I know what you want
To be fucked like a slut; like the whore you are
You want it all you can't have it all
This ain't a fairytale you're just another broad
Reality check; learn some fucking respect
Take a look at yourself; you're far from perfect
Humble yourself and have some grace
Until you do that just shut your fucking face
Fuck all your pretentious self-serving bullshit
Your inner city unit and your non-profit
You're a throwback at best disappointment at worst
Your only saving grace is an epidemic of thirst
But in the long run you'll fall between the cracks
Fade into irrelevance on your fucking back
This is not a warning it's a fucking promise
You are nothing to me
Track Name: Last Confidante
A young heart a bottomless heart
Questions mistakes
What you see is what you get
I give they take
Oh to be alone; alone in your head
Along in the beginning and alone in the end
Beside myself I've got nothing at all
Stone cold and unrepentant
I've damned of myself
The product of a world that’s so backwards
I've damned myself; no going back
They come and they go and I'm alone
Am I really enlightened or am I finally broken
Once and for all?
I've felt it all and I have no feelings left to be had
I've killed them all
Sodom and Gomorrah burned away
Innocence died that day
It's for the better now
What you thought you took from me
I took from myself
Every one of them the same you all pass the blame
No more care; no more pain
It's too late to save me
This is just a eulogy for my mental health
It's too late to save me
You will never change me
No one stands beside me
I set myself free
Track Name: Too Brutal for Bloomfield
Waste of my fucking time
All talk no walk you're all the same
That’s why I never trust a single word you say
That’s why I can't be bothered to go out of my way
That’s why I resent you every fucking day
I promise you will never find what you're looking for
You're just a goddamn tally on a wall
Another nameless face; that’s all you ever are
You push me; I never push back
I just walk away; I just turn my back
I have become the antithesis of love
I am indifferent, cold, and numb
You mean as much to me as a concrete wall
Look inside you'll see I have no heart at all
We're not friends; we're not enemies
You are just a stranger to me
You could die tomorrow and as your family weeps
I would feel no sorrow; I would lose no sleep
I have no heart left in my chest
Like a book that never gets read;
It doesn't fucking matter if you're dead
Track Name: No Apology
I breached your fucking walls; I'm inside your castle
Give it a rest
Remember the last words you spoke as your airway folds
Let’s put this to bed
I won't give you the satisfaction; I'm passed it
Fuck you and the whore who you came from
Fuck you and the world that you came from
You're dead in my eyes; dead in my mind
I'm done dreading the past that's already died
You're like clockwork
Every one of you can be read like a fucking book
You're like a tapeworm
Feeding off someone who’s bigger, stronger, and more capable than you
Everything happens for a reason
Sometimes it feels like I'm losing it
No apology
I'm not sorry
I am in control; you're nothing but a scapegoat
Now I have to go; I'm not sorry anymore
Track Name: Victimizer
Has everyone lost their minds?
You can't be right all the time
Choke on your words you fucking swine
And kindly take your fucking life
What kind of world are you living in?
Where you expect everyone else to change
Because your ego is paper thin?
You play the victim for validation
To make excuses for you don't grow a spine
You will never be satisfied
You are nothing but a worthless swine
You worthless swine; you'll never be satisfied
It must be so tough living a privileged life
I'm so sick of hearing you fucking whine
So do something good for once and stop wasting my time
You've got everything but that's not good enough
You need something else to justify yourself
So stir some shit up
You play the victim for validation (worthless swine)
To make excuses for your existence (take your life)
Track Name: Reborn Bitter
There's no going back I'm irreparable
I find myself reprehensible
I've given all I have for far too long
It's unsustainable
Incapable up ever letting go
The man I was has finally faded
No I'm just cold angry bitter and jaded
I knew someday something would finally break
That day has come and I think I fucking hate it
It’s unbelievable
It's fucking unbelievable
Fucked if I do;
Fucked if I don’t
I want to trust you but know that I won't
I'll never trust you that’s just how it goes
I'll never know because you're just a ghost
I've dreamt of the day I'd break away
From all my self-destructive ways
A trade off that I made to carry the weight of
This callused heart everyday
Wish for the best but I expect the worst
I've got a chip on my should it haunts me like a curse
I've got a thorn in my side it's only getting worse
Going in circles looking for someone to blame
But it doesn't fucking matter because I'll still be the same
Shout it all I want at the top of my lungs
But it's too late I'm forever changed and you've all fucking won
So I suppose you expect me to cave and hang my head in shame
At the asshole I became
I'm going in circles looking for someone to blame
But I guess it doesn't matter anyway
Going in circles in looking for someone to blame
But it doesn't fucking matter because that will never change
Shout all you want at the top of your lungs
I've got nothing left to lose and I'm all fucking done
You fucking cunt
Track Name: P.O.V. Kind of Life
Empty vapid shallow souls
Shameless shell of a person; no dignity
Spoon-fed the party line; made to live a fucking lie
Debauchery to hide your insecurity
The chips are down so you might as well double down
On your hypocrisy
Let me tell you how you look so empowered
With a face full of come
Getting double-teamed on camera must make your parents
So proud
No, it's cool we get it, you don't want to be objectified
Being a professional whore must feel so fucking dignified
All sarcasm aside
At the end of the day you're just a degenerate fuck
And you should be ashamed
All the people that you exploit to gain fame
While you get used like a fucking toilet drain
You make me sick
And all the bros high-five each other
As they laugh about how easy you are
What a delusional slut you are
What a fucked up careless piece of shit you are
Demand respect until you're blue in the face
You are such a fucking disgrace
Being a human dumpster is all you'll be known for
Down on your hands and knees
Just like a fucking dog you filthy skeeze (Choke me please)
Everyone gets a turn (Pull my hair)
And then you're food for the worms
And when you're done you lay and rot
Track Name: There is Much to Fear
I'm not alright I'm not okay
I think about it everyday
It's in my thoughts
It's in my dreams I have no (self) control
Get a grip; get with it
Just let this feeling die
Forget it; just forget it
There's so much more to life
Don't take it for granted; this is it
Some shit's not worth it
It came and went and you're still breathing
Chalk it up to experience
You'll learn to live and love again
What world are you living in?
Where you don't feel at home in your own skin
It's time to man up and grow some fucking balls
You lost this battle but you haven't lost it all
Everyone goes through shit just learn to deal with it
You'll never get anywhere being self-defeated
Don't be so fucking weak; stand on your own two feet
Have some self-respect and dignity
Move on with your life; let the past die
I promise it's not worth your time
And you will know fear
You are not safe here
Sadness drags you down
But madness knows no bounds
Now you know my name
And you've seen my face
Don't forget your place