Con Men & Courtesans

by Fate Worse Than Death

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Debut, self released album by Massachusetts moshcore band Fate Worse Than Death.


released June 24, 2011

All music and lyrics written by Fate Worse Than Death. Album recorded, mixed, and mastered by Connor Hayes under Brickyard Studios 2011



all rights reserved


Fate Worse Than Death Haverhill, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Intro
Slit your own throat
Track Name: Scene Chicks Can't Drive
Open your mouth
Bite the curb
Close your eyes
Say goodbye
To this life that you’ve lived for far too long
I will not stand idle
While you disgrace everything that I stand for
Look into my eyes and know that I’m serious
There is only one thing to release the tension between us
Face down on the ground
In the middle of the night
Your existence is wrong
And I vow to make it right
And I can think of nothing better,
Than to squeeze,
The Life from those empty eyes,
And I can think of no more fitting,
Of an end,
To such a worthless shallow life,
Violence is the fucking answer now
Violence is the fucking answer
Your superficial world
Is about to burn down
I can’t believe
All that you’ve done to
Fucking deceive
Fuck the fashion
Fuck the gimmicks
Fuck the bullshit
You dare to trifle with my rage
I promise you that’s a fucking mistake
I vow to make you pay
Your superficial world
Is about to burn down
I am telling you that I am serious
Now you bow to me
Mother fucker
Witness this tragedy
This is where I stand now
This is where I stand
Track Name: Hoodie Season
Years have passed and times have changed and I still feel the same
You’re a little fucking coward
Slithering your way through life
Rubbing off on everyone
Leaving scars that don’t wash off
No matter how hard I try
Surprised you can still look in the mirror
Without seeing my face or the faces of others who you’ve destroyed
Wow you’re a real big man now
Don’t you feel strong lying to the world
Shows us that you’re ashamed of yourself more than anything else
You turned your back on me,
You betrayed your own blood,
Worse than all of the above,
You’re lying to yourself
Look at where your pleasures have brought you
Your mother is crying on the floor
She knows she gave birth to a failure
And I’d forgive you if you were still there
But you died inside a long time ago
And someone new is in the void
I should have killed you the last time I had you but I was too naïve
But if I should get the opportunity today God fucking help me
I will tie you down and tear you limb
From fucking limb from fucking limb
And maybe as the knife enters
You’ll remember what it’s like to be human
I don’t know who you are anymore
So I’ll feel no remorse as I destroy you
Track Name: One Dollar Hook Shot
Be across the room or the state
I’m coming to get you
Everyone in my way won’t last long
Pick out a casket while you can
The stench of defeat lurks about me
The itch of revenge
Pokes and prods
Let the ones who love you try and stop me
Good fucking luck
Rising above and looking at you like your worst nightmare coming true
Abandoned creations coming back home I never forget
Poor slaughtered souls
Fatal attempts to stop the machine
Blood splatters stain these walls
She wishes this was still a game
I’m sorry Here we are with my
Hands around your throat
I’m so sorry Sometimes
I lose control
But I don’t regret what I’m about to do
Now you will get what’s coming to you
You fucking bitch Here it comes
What a shame
She looked so pretty tonight
What a shame
She could have had everything
What a shame
And when the police find me
I will plead insanity
Because I won’t go down for this
She completely deserved it You completely deserved it
All dolled up for nothing now
What a shame
What a fucking shame
Track Name: Too Brutal for Durham
You’re nothing but a worthless whore
I don’t give a shit about you anymore
I could never forgive you For all times you’ve lied to me
No I will never forget All of the things you’ve done to me
There is no excuse for you
And all of your selfishness
Worthless fucking whore I’m erasing you from my life
You’re fucking dead to me
Now you only speak in echoes
And your face only exists in photographs
Your crooked smile Serves as a constant reminder
Of all the things that you’ve done wrong
In your life
Now you’ll pay
What and ironic picture this is here you are lying on my bathroom floor
Bleeding from your eyes
Choking coughing bleeding gagging gasping for your last breath
And I laugh as I watch you reach for the door
Track Name: Imported Sand Monster
Some say everyday is a new day
But if you ask me it looks the same
I’ve been told that I hold my grudges too long
But that’s just not the case
I just keep my promises
I just stand by my mother fucking word
I stand by my word
And I swear to you
That the next time you see me
It will be the last thing you ever see again
And I swear to you That the next time you see my face
It will be the last thing that you ever see
I am a loaded gun
I am the shark
That is circling around your boat
In the bloody waters below
I am a predator
Stalking my prey
Track Name: Cosby Sweater
They won’t leave me alone
So I will do something
About it this time I won’t put up with it
Not this fucking time I refuse to be just a victim
I will carry this scheme to fruition
Eleven AM on a lovely warm spring day
We will see who the victim is
I will blow your brains out
I will bash your face in
With the butt of my gun
I will be the end of you
Miles and miles of yellow tape
In the end they won’t have enough
Remember when I said you’d regret
Saying all that shit you said
Now you’ll reap what you sow
Once and for all
They’ll shut their fucking mouths
Finally I’ll get some peace and quiet
Shut their mouths
Peace and quiet I will get some peace and quiet now
It took me five days to carve two-hundred names
In all of these bullets but I know that it’s worth it
Because of all shit you have done to me
And all the shit that you put me through
You will regret it all
Every last one of you
They will regret it all
Every last one of them
Now I’m free
With your blood on my hands I am free
Track Name: Bad News
You’d better get your dental records
Because there will be nothing left of your face
You had better get used to agony
Because you’ll never escape me
You will never walk again
You will never see again
You will never talk again
You will never breathe again
Your finest hour will be messy artwork
And the crimes I commit
Will be vile and terrible
They’ll suit you just fine
All the things about you
Are the reasons for
Why I kill
There is nothing about your existence
That’s worth living for
Bound and gagged
Found in a bag In pieces in the trash
Where you fucking belong
I bet you regretted it all
The second that you saw
My psychotic grinning face
I can be everything you never wanted
And so much more Inside out and upside down
Your death with be just like your life
A disgusting fucking mess
Track Name: Exile
All the pain and the agony
Betrayal of what was once my home
Facing the throws of banishment
Cast out to the wicked outside
Cold and menacing
Is the absence of light
Such is the price of justice
They call me a monster
They call me a savage
If only they knew my reasons
You can’t disinfect the world of the blind
I know because I’ve tried
You’re just a worthless fucking cunt
What tragic irony
I’ve wasted all my time
And spilled blood on my hands
All in the name of justice
Is it better to die or to live and have suffered?
I ask you is it better to die or to suffer?
Track Name: Five Foot Ace of Clubs
Someone told me that I should make amends with you,
But I know now that I cannot be friends with you…
Because no one knows you like I do
They haven’t been through what we’ve been through
They don’t know you like I do
They’ll never know you like I do
Now we’ll take a trip back to the day when we were friends
Reading between the lines that we wrote
They will never catch me, they’ll never fucking catch me
You make me fucking mental,
I want to smash open your skull just to see what the fuck makes you tick!
You make me fucking mental;
I want to smash open your skull!
Now we’ll take a trip back to the day when we were friends
Wish I could take it back, but I guess what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
I know your thoughts
I know your intentions
I want your heart!
I want your soul!
I’m scarred forever by what you’ve done, and what you made me do.
Track Name: Con Men & Courtesans
It’s too late to turn back time
This is what I am now
This is what you’ve made me into
Open your eyes and see the monster that I’ve become
I remember a time when I could trust
When I could love
Those days are so long gone now
Because of what you’ve done
I thought that I could trust you
I told you I’d be right here waiting
You were my family
You were once everything to me
I wish I never fucking knew you
Look at what you’ve done
Now revel in the darkness that you have wrought
Turn around and run
Your creation looks to bite the hand of the maker
Everytime I close my eyes
I see visions of your deaths
You’re all con men and courtesans
Now I will show you
How terrible I can be
Fucking burn
You’ve ruined everything
That made me who I used to be
You should have done the world a favor
And just murdered me