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Spare me your life story I don't care
Fuck your liberal arts degree and your Instagram
I don't want to hear about when you studied abroad
I don't give a shit about how you rescued a dog
Fuck your girlfriends; fuck your guy friends
Fuck your family too
Fuck your car; fuck your job
Fuck your attitude
I'd rather be in a coma
Than hear you pat yourself on the back over and over
Every time I see your face
I think of how you're such a waste of space
Your career is meaningless to me
I can't put my dick in your college degree
Fuck your craft beer and pumpkin coffee
Fuck your iPhone; fuck your selfies
You're not entitled to shit
Classless ignorant bitch
You're not worth my time
So just forget it
You claim you're a ten well fucking think again
You're curbside trash; someone's leftover scraps
You're not a fucking catch; just the next in line
So when you pat your back don't break your fucking spine
You're not fooling me I know what you want
To be fucked like a slut; like the whore you are
You want it all you can't have it all
This ain't a fairytale you're just another broad
Reality check; learn some fucking respect
Take a look at yourself; you're far from perfect
Humble yourself and have some grace
Until you do that just shut your fucking face
Fuck all your pretentious self-serving bullshit
Your inner city unit and your non-profit
You're a throwback at best disappointment at worst
Your only saving grace is an epidemic of thirst
But in the long run you'll fall between the cracks
Fade into irrelevance on your fucking back
This is not a warning it's a fucking promise
You are nothing to me


from The Death of Innocence, released July 25, 2015



all rights reserved


Fate Worse Than Death Haverhill, Massachusetts

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